World’s Biggest Snow Painting, Longest Ice bBar Counter Unveiled in NE China

World’s biggest snow painting, longest ice bar counter unveiled in NE China

After being certificated by the authorities from the Guinness World Records, new records of the biggest snow painting and the longest ice bar counter have been set in Tonghua City in Jilin Province in China on Saturday.

26904296_2100781926629283_985609163927735882_n The city is known for ice and wine.


The biggest snow painting themed “looking for plum flowers in the snow” measures 2221.7 square meters, which is double the size of the former record holder. Over 60 people have made the painting in 20 days. Its dye is food grade, meaning pollution-free.

26805273_2100782126629263_315593396398523046_n The length of the ice bar is 100.6 meters, its height is 1.2 meters and width is 0.9 meters. The counter was made of ice from the Hun River, which is one of the largest tributaries of the Liao River in the region. Over 60 people spent 12 days to construct the counter.

26805050_2100782639962545_5487180497420779505_n An official from the Tourism Development Committee of Tonghua said: “We hope the new records serve the purpose of promoting the charm of Jilin Province.”

26815317_2100782576629218_3814197783569167545_n Challenging the Guinness World Records is one of the activities held during the Tonghua Ice Carnival in 2018, according to the official. The carnival will last until February 4, 2018.

Source: CGTN

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