Whirlpool at Marine Sands Singapore

in Singapore that is bound to suck in your attention. The two-level design features a vortex on the top, and a waterfall on the bottom. This huge bowl-like structure is located in Marina Bay Sands, the world’s most expensive standalone casino property, worth nearly $6 billion. The whirlpool only operates during the day, but people say it can be fun at night as well. All you gotta do is whisper into it… or shout.

More info: Boredpanda

Just outside the Marine Bay Sands Shopping Centre in Singapore the Whirlpool swirls that water down to the lower level pool where the Sampans sail. Quite a few people were rolling coins down with the aim to get the coin into the central hole. The Whirlpool is actually a whispering wall too as when you lean a bit closer to the rail you can here people talking from over the other side. True! Try it when you visit there!

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