Top 7 Most Gorgeous KPOP Idols

Top 7 Most Gorgeous KPOP Idols 2016. Most of the time when people listen to KPOP, they’ll watch the music video as well, granted there is one, which means that the KPOP fans love seeing those gorgeous idols dance their cute butts off. And it does help that Korea is blessed with thousands of beautiful girls.

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1. Nana

Time for the big finale! Meet Nana (real name – Im Jin-an), who is just the prettiest KPK idol, with or without makeup. Nana sings, acts, and models, giving her fans a lot of reasons to keep following her on Instagram and such. She is the main dancer of “After School” girls group, as well as “Orange Caramel”. And the most important bit of info, Nana ranked #1 TWICE in 100 Most Beautiful Faces in 2015! What does that tell us? Probably that she’ll make some guy, or girl a very happy person one day.




2. Tzuyu

The youngest of the bunch – Chou Tzu-yu, AKA Tzuyu, is actually Taiwanese, but she’s a member of the K-pop girl group “Twice”. Tzuyu is just 17, so I wouldn’t want to sound like an old perv, but holy KPOP does she look ravishing! Crazy thing is, she became almost instantly popular after her debut. Took her like 2 months. Since her pre-debut in Mnet’s “SIXTEEN”, a lot of fans consider her to be one of the prettiest girls in KPOP.



3. Suzy

Suzy’s real name is Bae (like, duh!) Su-ji. A girl this lovely and with a name “Bae”… It’s like the universe is trying to tell us something. You look at that face and you think “plastic surgery!”, but nope – it’s all natural! Anyway, Suzy became popular not only for her stunning looks.


4. Yura

Kim Ah-young, better known as Yura, is one of the most alluring and incredibly talented KPOP girls on this list, and, as previously mentioned, Yura is also a part of the “Girl’s Day” band. Let’s see here, she’s got a face of an angel, she throws the sickest of rhymes, and she’s also an actress!



5. Yoona

Just like Seohyun, Yoona (Im Yoon-ah) is an SNSD member, and goddamn is she a wildly popular KPOP idol. Apart from looking perfect, and being one of South Korea’s best-selling artists, she has participated in various television dramas, like, “You Are My Destiny” (2008), which helped her make her career breakthrough, and “The Prime Minister and I” (2013), which won her an “Excellence Award” at the 2013 KBS Drama Awards.



6. Minah

Real name – Bang Min-ah (can you see a pattern yet?). Minah is also one of the “Girl’s Day” girls group, just like Hyeri. She also recently started her solo career, in 2015. Just like other girls, it’s not just about KPOP for her, as she starred on TV after she acting in “Vampire Idol” (2011), “Holly” (2013), and “Beautiful Gong Shim” (2016).



7. Seohyun

SNSD’s Seohyun is definitely one of the cutest faces of KPOP today. Seo Ju-hyun debuted as a member of “Girls’ Generation” in 2007, and that probably helped them become one of South Korea’s most popular girl groups. If you think she’s just a pretty face, though, you’d be wrong. Seohyun is also an amazing actress! You may have seen her in the musicals like “Moon Embracing the Sun”, “Gone with the Wind” and “Mamma Mia”.



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