The 100 Most Beautiful Women Of 2016

The Most Beautiful Women Of 2016.

More than 431 nominations For most beautiful women of 2016 by #tbworld2016 under the scheme of beauty , The beauty of global proportions it was chosen the most beautiful faces .

More than +60.000.000 Votes by hashtag #tbworld2016 in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and websites carried out by 3 Experts in the world of cosmetic surgery the most perfect face classification worldwide.

It was selected from the 100 most beautiful- looking beautiful and votes the myths of beauty in our world.

100. Bianca Balti – itlay

Bianca Balti Wallpapers @
Bianca Balti Wallpapers @


99. Keira Knightley – UK



98. Doutzen Kroes – Holland

98_Doutzen Kroes - Holland source

97. Lily Collins – UK / USA

97_Lily Collins - UK source

96. Mila Kunis – USA



95. Bella Thorne – USA

95_Bella Thorne - USA source

94. Elizabeth Olsen – USA

94_Elizabeth Olsen - USA source

93. India Eisley – USA

93_India Eisley - USA source

92. Emilie Voe Nereng – Nordics

92_Emilie Voe Nereng - Nordics source

91. Vika Levina – Russia

91_Vika Levina - Russia source

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