Stunning Video Frozen Water Tower in Prince George’s County, Maryland

SPECTACULAR: Stunning video captured a frozen water tower in Prince George’s County, Maryland. It may not stay frozen for long with the rising temperatures.

Today, 12 January 2018. It is the top video total 234K Views, 533 Likes, 14 comments and 152 share.

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Lee Peterson Mallory: No sound but thought it might be a frozen bird feeder …oh well…frozen fountain is better. 😅News to share. Away on sat thru sun. Home Monday. When is a good time to call you. Pls let me know as soon as you can. Hope all is well with the family. Happy New Year to all. xo

Vern N’ Catherine Laney: AMAZING!

Jenny Schroeder: Beautiful!!!

Linda Reams Warren: Stunning




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