Our Two Food Arts Can Only Be Seen From One Angle

Emilija Vinzanovaite and I get tired of art installations, we make this: tasty and giant food arts, which should be eaten! The first one is a four meters long perspective (you can see this only from one angle) artwork with Einstein’s face. We worked for five hours to make it happen. It was made from different deserts like canelles, chocolate, muffins, strawberries, grapes, macaroons… It was really hard not to eat everything while working.

The second one is the most famous Lithuanian artist and compositor M.K. Ciurlionis. We made his portrait from chocolate desserts like muffins, cakes, cookies, doughnuts, and some berries. It’s a little bit smaller than the first artwork and we made this in a few hours. We used the same technique – you can see the face only from one angle, but there’s no difference, you can eat it from all sides.

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This is our last artwork, for the event in the Art Gallery. The food table from the perfect angle

the perfect angle-1__880

It was made from muffins, macaroons, canelles, chocolate and other deserts. It was so hard not to eat that tasty food!

the perfect angle-2__880


the perfect angle-3__880
the perfect angle-4__880

The artwork from the side
the perfect angle-5__880

That’s me and Emilija standing between our suffer source – the tasty artwork. That’s why we are not smiling
the perfect angle-6__880

The second artwork we did is M.K. Čiurlionis portrait from chocolate food
the perfect angle-7__880
the perfect angle-8__880

I’m getting hungry again!
the perfect angle-9__880

Do you want to eat this?
the perfect angle-10__880

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