My Friend And I Captured Bloody Red Photography in Wadi Rum Desert Wild, Jordan

My friend (Karol Nienartowicz) and me (Patryk Bieganski) arrived Jordan at February 2019, wanted to make an unusual photo trip with our cameras. We decided to spend 5 days and 3 nights on Wadi Rum desert with our own tent, water, and food in our backpacks.

During our trip we made about 60 kilometers trekking with 30 kg equipment in each backpack (that is almost half of my body weight!), visiting the most beautiful spots on Wadi Rum.

Observing how the colors of the desert change from pale beige to bloody red was an amazing experience.

Here are some pictures of this journey.

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Our tent hidden between rocks. The rocks saved us from strong wind during the night.

During the gale at night, sand and dust were floating in the air and made the morning rays look like lasers.

Our tent on the rock with an extremely stunning view at sunset. At night we were totally out of civilization. Being a part of the wilderness we could only spot two little flashing lights far away from us which looked like stars fallen to the ground.

Ripple marks made by strong night wind on the surface of the dune, highlighted by morning light.

When the sun came down the landscape of the desert looked literally out of this world.

At dusk, everything turned coral red.

The ridge of a high Red Dune – one of our bivouac spots – after sunset.

Martian-red rocks and sand dunes a couple minutes before the sunrise.

Rocks and mountain of the desert several dozen minutes after sunset. Can you spot melted faces on the walls of the rock on the left?

Karol walking on the ridge of the sand dune. We had to leave our heavy backpacks at the foot of the dune. Without the burden on our shoulders, it was like walking on a cloud.

Pink-orange sands in the noon light.

Orange desert in the afternoon light.

Hey, there’s some life on the desert!

Famous mushroom-shaped rock in the forgotten part of the Wadi Rum nature reserve.

Peculiarly shaped rocks of Wadi Rum.

Probably the most famous rock bridge on Wadi Rum – Um Frouth.

The Little Bridge and people reaching the top of the rock. Doesn’t it look like some other planet?

The ornaments made by wind and water on the sandstone rocks converted them into temples of the nature.

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