Best Tattoo Lines Which Might Make You Feel Incredible

Tattoos are quite in pattern now. Have you ever believed of stunning created tattoos simply by making geometric lines and dots.

Conceived by a young womanly artist from Turkey Bicem Sinik, these tattoos developed with remarkable monochromatic lines will make you go bananas. Whether it is the face of a tiger or a jelly fish or merely a wristless or octagon or a flower or a deer, you will like the method they are drawn. The Turkey artist develops a number of designs as per your option. You can even make your kid find out mathematics with her drawn geometry at your back… simply joking however attempt it out. So start searching for tattoo geometric shapes now.

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Best Tattoo Lines-bicem-sinik-1 “I was born in Bursa-Turkey in 1984. I graduated from the art teacher and graphic design faculty,” Bicem Sinik, just back from a tattoo convention in Athens, told Bored Panda

Best Tattoo Lines-bicem-sinik-2

“My whole family teaches art, including my mom, dad, and sister. They all wanted me to become a teacher but I rebelled against them”

Best Tattoo Lines-bicem-sinik-3 “I left my hometown and moved to Istanbul”

Best Tattoo Lines-bicem-sinik-4 “I worked as an art director at several advertisement agencies for 7 years”

Best Tattoo Lines-bicem-sinik-5 “At the beginning I was really happy with my job, but after some fights over a silly brochure I lost faith in it”

Best Tattoo Lines-bicem-sinik-6 “I hated being locked-up in a “cyber-world” office with computers. I’m happy not to feel that way anymore”

Best Tattoo Lines-bicem-sinik-7 “In 2011 I met with Denizhan Ozkar. He is a great tattoo artist and he taught me how to tattoo. My first tattoo was drawn on a banana”

Best Tattoo Lines-bicem-sinik-8 “I was really excited and nervous when I got to tattoo human flesh for the first time. I really realized how hard it was”

Best Tattoo Lines-bicem-sinik-9 “In January of 2013 I quit my job and started to tattoo as a hobby; soon it became my career”

Best Tattoo Lines-bicem-sinik-10 “Presently I work out of my home office studio and live with my 2 dogs. I only tattoo my own designs and I never do the same tattoo twice”

Best Tattoo Lines-bicem-sinik-11 “Unfortunately, sometimes I find my drawings on the internet with some tattoo artists claiming that these are their own designs”

Best Tattoo Lines-bicem-sinik-12 “Sometimes they’ve even tattooed my designs. This really makes me sad, because I believe that all of us should be unique”

Best Tattoo Lines-bicem-sinik-13 “Because I am graphics design graduated, my drawings have become more minimal and geometric. People really like it”

Best Tattoo Lines-bicem-sinik-14 “I’ve had people from Spain, Austria, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, France, Holland, Costa-Rica and Australia come to be tattooed, and more are coming every day. I want to thank them all for making me so happy”

Best Tattoo Lines-bicem-sinik-15 “If I had told my family that I wanted to be a tattoo artist years ago, I am sure that they would have been against it. But now they support me and even show-off my drawings to their friends”

Best Tattoo Lines-bicem-sinik-16 “I think becoming a tattoo artist is my best decision so far. I really love my job”

Best Tattoo Lines-bicem-sinik-17“It’s great to see people leaving my studio happy. They often send me thank you messages and invitations”

Best Tattoo Lines-bicem-sinik-18 “My future plan is to travel more, to meet with new people, and continue my career in a foreign country”

Best Tattoo Lines-bicem-sinik-19

Best Tattoo Lines-bicem-sinik-20

Best Tattoo Lines-bicem-sinik-21

Best Tattoo Lines-bicem-sinik-22

Best Tattoo Lines-bicem-sinik-23

Best Tattoo Lines-bicem-sinik-24

Best Tattoo Lines-bicem-sinik-25

Best Tattoo Lines-bicem-sinik-26

Best Tattoo Lines-bicem-sinik-27

Best Tattoo Lines-bicem-sinik-28

Best Tattoo Lines-bicem-sinik-29

Best Tattoo Lines-bicem-sinik-30

Best Tattoo Lines-bicem-sinik-31

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