25 Most Spectacular Photos Of Night Sky Around The World

Clear night sky is full of magic and feeling that there are a lot of mysterious undiscovered things happening up there. There’s no such feeling in the world like watching clear sky in the warm summer night. It reminds me of the greatness and incredible beauty of our wonderful planet!

I love these spectacular shots of the night sky around the world so I invite you to share your own as well.

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#1 Lost In The Dark (Lake Dumbleyung, Western Australia)

night-sky-photography-lake-dumbleyung-western-australia-michael-goh__880 source

#2 Radio Mast Milkyway (southern Finland)

Radio Mast Milkyway (southern Finland)_2048__880


#3 Southern Milky Way (Patagonia, Argentina)

Southern Milky Way (Patagonia, Argentina)__880 source

#4 Thunderstorm Near Broken Bow, Nebraska, Usa

Thunderstorm Near Broken Bow, Nebraska, Usa__880 source

#5 When Worlds Collide (Washington, USA)

When Worlds Collide (Washington, USA)__880 source

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