15 Wonderful Amazing and Unbelievable Pictures of Sunset In The World

The best sunsets seem to happen on the evening of a rainy day. If the clouds start to break up at all around sunset, grab your camera and head out. Just trust me on this one. If you’re shooting a portrait of someone standing in front of a sunset, be careful where you place the horizon line. It always looks awkward when the horizon line is placed at the level of the neck of the subject. You’re usually safer putting the horizon line around the person’s tummy or chest area.

1. Camels Beach Sunset

camels beach sunset Source: discover0

2. Istanbul Turkey Sky Sunset

istanbul turkey sky sunset

Source: discover0

3. Istanbul Turkey Beach Sunset

istanbul turkey beach sunset Source: discover0

4. Romantic Paris Sunset

romantic paris sunset Source: discover0

5. Autumn Lake Water Reflection Sunset

autumn lake water reflection sunset Source: discover0

6. Kluane National Park sunset, Canada

Kluane National Park sunset, canada Source: discover0

7.  Byron Bay Sunset, NSW, Australia

Sunset in Byron Bay NSW, Australia Source: discover0

8. Kuala Lumpur Sunset, Malaysia

kuala lumpur malaysia sunset Source: discover0

9. Promthep Cape Phuket Sunset, Thailand

Promthep Cape Phuket Sunset, Thailand Source: discover0

10. Sea Birds Sunset

sea birds sunset Source: discover0

11. Red Canyon sunset

Red Canyon sunset Source: discover0

12. Landscape Nature Sunset

landscape nature sunset Source: discover0

13. Los Angeles Cave Sunset

los angeles Cave sunset Source: discover0

14. The beautiful elephant sunset

The beautiful elephant sunsetsource: discover0

15. Landscape Mountain Sunset

landscape mountain sunset Source: discover0

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