10 Oldest Bars in United State

In United State of America, there are most bars and restaurants in all cities and states were started from 1673 to 1856, these bars were provided services to clients as food, beers, musics etc. but from year to year, everything were changed until now there are only ten bars that are still alive.
Fraunces Tavern Bars in New York City, White Horse Tavern in Rhode Island, Bell in Hand Tavern, Jean Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop, Old Ebbitt Grill, Petes Tavern in New York City, Jessop’s Tavern, Napoleon House, City Tavern and McSorley’s Old Ale House were blessing to ” The Ten Oldest Bars in United State”.

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1. White Horse Tavern in Rhode Island

This bar is even older having been started in 1673. The clients could reserves discerning diners with food and drinks untile over night in very day.
White Horse Tavern in Rhode Island

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2. Jessop’s Tavern, in Delaware

This place has claims of being one of the oldest bars in US from 1724. The Bar offers various cuisines including English, Dutch, Old American and Swedish along with a hefty helping of History.
Jessop’s Tavern, in Delaware


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3. Fraunces Tavern Bars in New York City

The bar which located at Broad and Pearl in Manhattan was a place that was used for meetings by the sons of liberty that Started in 1762.
Fraunces Tavern Bars in New York City

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